Thursday, July 2, 2015

Drops from above.

Long, long time a go, I used to be obsessed about making cards, 
I have a huge collection of magazines on the subject, collected many cool 
tools to cut, stamp & paste, I even started a small business and really did 
amazing for it was very new here and people were amazed by my cards, 
I was really grateful!  I also collected a lot of stamps, every craft fair 
I attended was disneyland to me! In my pursuit of growing as an artist 
I have put on the side this art/craft that I love so much but not anymore, 
I plan to do more of these!

Now, after a few years, I have learned and practiced a bit of carving my
 own stamps and this has given me a lot more freedom in my creations, 
either in my art journals or paintings or making cards, I want to make new 
kind of cards and evolve them and maybe inspire you to use or 
carve your own stamps too while I share my creations.

I always feel "cold" when I am starting something, like if you were
to start exercising right away but you are cold, one has to warm
up right?  Experience in other fields gives me confidence and 
I am sure that practice always takes me further, 
I am constant, it´s one of my key qualities and I love getting 
better at something!

I finished this painting yesterday, "Meditation"
I am so happy with it, maybe not many will like it but 
to me it is very special, it is a large painting 
39" x 39" and as usual, I learned so many things while creating it.  

It is easier for me to copy something I have a reference off, 
this was created entirely from my mind so no references to follow! 
I´ve been painting like that for a while now, I want to learn to do it as 
best as possible so I can let my imagination go wild and be able to bring 
it out in future paintings, maybe that is my main goal but this things 
take time so I´ll be very, very patient!

I love meditation, it keeps me calmed and at my center, I learned about it 
since very little, my mom taught me and took me to guided meditations and
loved it, specially the music, it was very new to me at the moment, new age
made me fly, those soft sounds and atmospheres were magical, here is one
 for you, there is a long list over Youtube, just look for new age.  This one
includes rain, the beginning is music then it stops and soft rain drops will 
be with you, as it says, you can use it to sleep.

It´s raining a lot over here, I love it so much, the smell of 
wet earth and tiny drops of water falling wake up something 
very special inside me, it is like a feeling of melancholy, 
of longing, of being in love... it´s hard to explain,
maybe you know what I mean?

I wish I was named like that, yes, I am serious.

Pluviophile, a lover of rain, someone who
finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days...

Wash my soul, 
elevate me to scent,
your hands extend to soft,
your lips condemn me to pure.

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