Saturday, April 25, 2015

Recycle and make art day! New tutorial

New tutorial showing you how I recycle stuff from around my home, 
things I used to throw away all the time without even thinking
about it, I am sure it´s the same for everyone and it´s my hope 
this blog inspire you to see materials as just that, materials that
can be re used and transformed into something new, for me,
it applies in the crafts and arts area because this is what I do
but I am sure it can apply to many other areas, just be creative!

Teach the kids to think this way and the 
world will be different in a few years

Does your tea bags come inside another bag?  Some of my 
favorite teas do and I´ve been saving them for a while but 
they had their turn today!  I used them in an altered book
if you are new about altered books, there is an introductory 
tutorial here about it. 

For those who are already altering books I have to share 
that I now simply use a masking tape to go around the corners 
of various pages to put them together, fast and easy just 
don´t use much watery mediums or the pages will have air
 bubbles in the center for it is not glued.

Here are the empty bags of two different teas I love, 
coincidentally the colors match and I used that same color 
palette for the  background colors and design of the page, I 
used squares for it was the same shape of the bags...

The page had some Mexican pottery or silver pieces so I used 
those shapes as a sketch and painted over them...

I painted the bags with guesso and then the same chosen
colors using the same design as the background...

I painted some paper and used a tag punch, some matching 
ribbons and used that tool for making a hole going through
all of the pieces and attached it with a tiny brad...

Now all is left is some embellishing, I used stamps and
a black pen, I wrote in each bag one wish and symbolically
represented it on the front of the bag...

Bonus project!

Why not use the same idea for other stuff like
these cute cards! Put inside a beautiful note attached
to a ribbon as well so it´s easy to pull out or
add cut shapes like this heart! Know anyone who would 
enjoy this?

I hope you are inspired to recycle and create! This will also help your creativity expand!
Much love to you!

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