Monday, April 20, 2015


Domingueando is a funny word in Spanish it means something
like "Sundaying" We make a collective noun, (I thinks is translated
like that), a  sustantivo común in to a verb! Lol!  That´s how Mexicans
are and this word is used when you go out on Sundays and do 
recreative activities like I did this last Sunday, it was a me time, all 
alone went to have the best brunch ever with an amazing view of the 
lake in Chapultepec forest which is right in the city, many people
go to dominguear there, wild life is beautiful and the place is nicely
keept, I used to go there a lot when little and now I felt like going 
there to paint as my mom did years a go while I was skating.

I hardly do this because all of the supplies I love using but decided 
to prepare a small box tool as a part of the challenge as well, I have
to say I had the most amazing time enjoying my self with my favorite
music,  my paints and journals, a blanket for the grass and an amazing
sunny day!

  I recommend you do it too, going alone it´s akward for some but
once you are used to it, it is actually very comforting
at least for me now is not so difficult as when I was
younger but I´ve always done it, going to the movies by
my self, to restaurants, museums, etc,  You are not alone,
you are with your self!  Once you understand this you can be
your own best friend!
Actually this is part of a preparation for a new dream I have; 
traveling and painting, backpack traveling around Europe!

I want to visit my favorite places, visit new ones take classes
maybe visit some friends... the list of things to do is long...

I had chilaquiles with chicken, fried black beans and guacamole
orange juice, coffee, a mimosa, (Champagne with orange juice)
if you were wondering,
Chilaquiles recipe here...

The materials I took on my trip were simple and practical!

small watercolor set
tiny bottle spray with water
larger bottle with water for cleaning brushes
a couple of these brushes 
Large watercolor Moleskine! (Mine was
a gift from a friend I don´t know about
for a long time and wish I did!)
or Strathmore mixed media journal 
waterproof pens
regular watercolor brushes
drinking water
Chocolate :) 
Favorite music

I walked around the place to find my spot, it calls you, you have to feel
happy with it and has to be under a shadow, people here passed in front 
of me and at some point it felt like I was witnessing a movie pass before
 my eyes, a very spiritual moment, interesting how many cultures teach
this but when you experience it is like something clicks on your mind.

I didn´t like the people staring at my work, it felt awkward because 
I wanted this time for my self but because of this, I noticed that I make
work to be liked,  as soon as somebody came I wanted it to be perfect,
so everybody noticed the great artist painting amazing stuff so they
could say... that is beautiful!! The ego needs appreciation, to be
valued by others but in reality only you, yourself can value your self.
This is how you know how to price a painting or anything in your life,
after evaluating your self but this changes as you grow.

Life is a process and for each is different, my goal has always been to be more
free while I create but now I realize that this means I have to be more
free of my own expectations, I have to grow up, understand more about
who I am and who I want to be, create a finer vision of my self, of life.

 Approach easily, softly and kindly to your self,
learn, grow, get better, get wiser take steps with love.

It´s amazing how a simple day can turn into a life lesson but this
happens only when you are with your self!

You can´t help the people wanting to watch what you are painting, it´s
like having your paints there means "you are invited to come and take a look!"
At least this is how it works here, many artist do this for a living
and sale their paintings right there, while potential customers approach,
maybe that´s not a bad idea but not for me, at least not now so I decided to
shut down the world with my head phones, sorry,  not today people! Lol!
You can watch but not talk, thank you!  :) 

I loved the show of this mazing Mexican flamenco dancer, Maria Aliaga,
she mixes Mexican traditional dance with flamenco.


When everything stays in the past,
 today is always new...

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