Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas ornaments recycling the TPR

Hello sweets!!  As promised, here is a new tutorial using the
toilet paper rolls, from now on, TPR!  This time we will create 
some Christmas ornaments but they can be easily changed into 
any season just by changing colors and embellishments!

If you haven´t yet read the post about how to save your TPR, please 
 read about it and join the fun of recycling and making art here!

I decided since I was making houses, why not use the same idea
again but this time you will need two house shapes for each ornament, 
I choose the best sides of each to face outwards, then glue them 
with gel medium or you can use glue of course!

Then I cut the opening, the size depends on the image you will
put inside and how much you want to see of it...
the remains will be used for some cute tags in my presents!

Then add a coat of guesso...

And paint them in your favorite Christmas colors! 

One is gonna be the front and the other the back, then sandwich
the image between them and glue everything, I used heavy gel
medium for it had to be a stronger glue!

The let them dry under a heavy object, I used some glass so they
dry flat...

When they dry is time to embellish!  I used medium as my glue, 
then attached a ribbon, then some stars, glitter and words...
the medium or white glue will dry clear!

In the top you can add a bigger star or other adornment, I love gold
so I mixed up two kinds of stars!

To end, use some heavy gel medium for the string to hang it, 
it will take a while to dry so let them sit facing down in a way 
that you don´t ruin the front and that´s it, you can make as 
many as your inner artists desires!  Invite friends to do this 
with you in a party were you can exchange them and enjoy 
the fun of making these together! ;)

The table will be a mess for sure but there will be hours of fun! 

I hope you enjoyed the process and that your hands and heart are happy
creators of fabulous ornaments this Christmas! 
I love you!

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