Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  
This fabulous season makes my heart melt!  I love the cold so I
can wear my hats and gloves and sweaters, I love the crafts and 
the lights inspired in this season, I love cooking and 
eating and baking muffins, cookies and to come 
up with new inventions I  like inventing new unexpected
ways of hot drinks, one has to vary the flavors in 
the mornings, like this one... I mixed almond milk with cinnamon 
sticks and boiled, then added a spoon of vanilla extract 
and honey and it was delicious, I tasted it to see what was needed 
and if you like this kind of stuff you should try it, the next morning 
I added some oatmeal milk to see if I can make it thicker and was
successful! It was like atole like I wanted! 
I love the consistency of atoles, In Mexico is a big tradition but 
I want to try healthier options doing 
this but the thickening part is hard to get, any other healthy ideas? 
If you have them, please share!

I also want to share this other part of me, I also make music as some of you know
and this time I made a Christmas song and the best part is that is in English!
Some of you have asked me to do this and so I thought of doing it this time,
I hope you like it!  We are an independent band and we create everything
at home, it´s a lot of work but it is all made with our heart and soul!
So here it is, enjoy!!

"Angels of the light" by Livelula

Here is the direct link to the video

OK, the artful part of this post is next, I created a few digital collage sheets 
which I love to make and now I have tons of them!  So this time I am 
giving you a few of them as my Christmas gift to you!  

I hope you enjoy them!  You can use them in your art 
journals, as tags, as cards as shown, or as your favorite artsy play!  
Just click on the images you like and save to your computer and 
print in your favorite paper! I used photoshop to add some interesting 
effects and make different flavors of the same image!

 Usually I like to start with a charcoal easy sketch, seal it and start adding coats of paint, in this post, I share what kind of paints and palette I use!

I am finally starting to feel more loosen when I paint, it´s amazing how long has taken me, I don´t know if is the same for you but now I enjoy painting even more! I can´t wait to share all this new stuff in my future online class, which I hope to start very soon, it´s hard to decide between some vacations or doing it but I promise it will be soon!

Notice how I used movement on my brush strokes, they are pasted with direction so you can use this for adding movement to your paintings!
The stars in the dress were added as a collage element, it´s a transparent paper so when you add it with medium it shows the colors bellow it, I love it, is my favorite and I have been using it a lot!  I painted the same idea twice and finished  better the last one, is the one I used for the collage sheets for you!

Enjoy your christmas gifts! ;)
Right click and save!

And here it is this other image!

Of course, all images are for your personal use only! 

May you be bright and shine as the star you are!
Merry Christmas and thank you for being part of my life,
you are treasured!!  

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