Friday, November 15, 2013

Alas de temple/ Serenity wings

I have been working with tempera this past month, 
the process is super slow but I think I love it, there is
a lot about patience that I have to learn!  I share with 
you a video of the process, some photos I took while
creating this sweet birdie!

"Alas de temple"
Temple sobre tela

Que las alas del alma
nos eleven hasta el amor
verdadero del ser

"Serenity wings"
Tempera on canvas

May the wings of the soul
elevate us to the true love

This week we had a few super cold days, I was really freezing over 
my studio but I got to wear my hat and gloves that I love, it`s mostly 
warm here in Mexico city and so we are never ready for this kind of weather!

The studio at a super early hour, this is when I wake up and this
is how it looks when it`s super clean!  My kitties are asleep, can
you picture them?  They are two! ;D

I am starting to create winter buddies!  I wish I had more
time to make them, they are so much fun!  So much to do
that makes me happy!  Do you ever find your self like that too?

I love this kitty!  I will have to make more of them!
This one is listed over my Etsy for one lucky shopper here!

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  1. What a glorious week u have had ,u look so snugly in your hat and gloves ,your studio looks warm and I think I told u on Facebook that I love your kitty doll...


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