Monday, December 2, 2013

A different christmas tree for this year and new paintings for sale!

I found this idea over pinterest and loved it and this year
I decided to try it so I started collecting branches from my street,
this past week they came to cut the tops of the trees so this was
really convenient for me and I went for the larger branches I wanted!

I also collected some pines and painted them with white acrylic paint
and even made a star with smaller branches, first using my heat gun to
keep in place and then using a rustic cord attached all of the tips.

It was a fun activity that maybe done with children and it took me
about an hour to put it all together once I had the materials ready!

I still plan on adding some hand made ornaments once I finish them
but so far it looks lovely wouldn`t you agree?

The best part of it all, it was super cheap, I spend only on the lights
and what I love about it is that it looks modern but rustic, I love it!

I have a pinterest wall here about branches that has many ideas
 on what to do  with them, it`s awesome to learn about all the things 
you can do with what you have around, it only takes that you use 
your imagination!

How can that not be fun?

Do you have all of your christmas presents yet?  I have added
new  paintings over my Etsy shop if interested!  Some are brand new some 
I had a hard time letting go, anyway I know they will melt your heart!

Be Merry, Be Blessed! 


  1. Wonderful Tree and your snowmen are so pretty

    1. Thank you Boo! Snowmen are always so much fun! Happy holidays! ;D

  2. Looks fantastic you clever girl and love your cards
    Hugz bev

    1. Thanks dear friend! I love to read your comments, you always cheerm me up! <3

  3. Absolutely fabulous!! I love the tree! My how clever you are and the beautiful ornaments and lovely art work!! Wish I could say I was all ready but still working at it! slow but hopefully sure!! Enjoy dear!! xoxo

    1. Merry christmas sweet, thank you for stopping by! ;D


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