Wednesday, December 11, 2013

La lana y La Oveja / The sheep and the wool

So I`ve been learning a lot of things, it`s wonderful 
to know there is so much to learn, to try, to mold! 

This are some new paintings from this last days, I am using new techniques and
having lots of fun with them and mixing them to see what happens! 
 We artists are like that, always trying new things, wondering what ifs 
and putting them to action, evolution comes from learning and trying 
different stuff, daring to fail is important, if you are not failing means that you 
aren`t trying and leaving the comfort zone is hard at the beginning but it`s so
rewarding when you overcome your old self and start to build a new one, 
so keep learning, growing and daring to try new things!

Sheep are my muse now, I carved a stamp of one and couldn`t 
stop there, they are so cute and tender, they make me feel all this
sweet feelings of love and so I had to paint them, this one is listed
 over my shop if you are interested!  I think it would make a great
gift for the symbol of wealth and goodness!

 I hope you are enjoying the photos of my art journey at school, 
I am having lots of fun and trying things I would never would
by my self, it is really interesting and mind opening but this is 
keeping me super busy, I can`t wait for my small brake over
the holidays to rest and make some other projects I have in mind
and want to share with you!  I hope you are having a great time too!
I love you!

Thank you for visiting!  


  1. Wow Moni!!! Well, you know of my newfound love of sheep but I haven't tried to paint one yet... I guess that goes on my to do list now! :D How much longer does your art program go until you finish? I can't wait for the next class you will teach... Hope your days are filled to the brim with joyfulness and creativity!
    Happy Holidays my sweet artist sister,
    Beth P

    1. Hi Beth! I didn`t know about your love of sheep, I am glad you are into it too, they are awesome! I`ll be learning for a long time I think but I also will be working on new classes over the holidays, we`ll see what the muse is ready to share this time!! Happy holidays my dear, I hope you have a great time with lost of love in your heart! xoxoxo! Moni.

  2. Your sheep are fabulous. And so is everything else.

    1. Thank yo Melody! I am so glad to hear from you! ;D
      Hugs and merry christmas!


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