Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Published and so happy!

Well, I finally did it!  I submitted an article to one of
my favorite magazines, Pages from Cloth Paper Scissors 
and was accepted but, and this is a BIG BUT,
 I recieved the magazine a couple of days ago and when I saw 
my work on the cover I was over the moon with happiness, 
it trully made my whole year!

Can you tell how happy I am?  :)

This magazine is awesome, I`ve been collecting it since the begining,
 this is the 4th volume and it`s published twice a year but the magazine 
is full of yummy articles from great artist from around the globe, this 
makes it super rich in fresh and different ideas!  

And I have to comment about how well treated I was and how 
profesional they are, that made the experience even better, now 
I know that the quality that shows in their magazine is coming
 from the people working in there, of course!

Here are some works and art journal pages for your inspiration!
This time I did some funky trees, they are clorful and fun to make,
I hope you enjoy it!

This painting is available!

The creative mess in class each morning is lovely, we enjoy of christmas
ponche I make and banana cupcakes while we chat and share, I love it!
What can be better that working in what you love the most?

We are close to christmas and I want to wish you a beautiful one,
may your heart be filled with true love and happiness, may
you be blessed with the best things in life, thank you for being 
part of my journey and for sharing your love and friendship,
now that I will have some time off, I will think about new things
to share with you here in my blog so stay tuned!  

Much love....Moni.


  1. Well! I don't know if you have time to read your comments or not my dear friend but I am very happy for you! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you... you deserve it!
    Happy Christmas and as always, big hugs coming your way...
    Beth P

    1. Hi Beth, I do make time to read my comments which make me super happy, it`s a way to connect with you my friends and colleagues! Merry christmas sweet heart! Much love to you! XOXO....Moni.


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