Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aparición / Apparition

 It is awesome to see how much one can go forward when your
mind and heart are put in to it but it`s also a blessing to know
you can go anywhere you want if you do!

It all starts with a little dream
It keeps going with tons of love
you get there with stamina!

Fall is warmth
and Love
and the great sunsets embracing us.
Ho, this time is precious!

My altered book live class is coming along, I am happy with it,
I love teaching live, it`s a lot more rewarding and a lot
better for the students, I get to tell them step by step what
is next and be a friendly advice exactly when it`s needed!
My students are growing fast and they don`t even know it!

Let us be truth so it will be 
easier to live a good live and live
with a peaceful consciousness, 
live by that which may give you peace so  
when you go to sleep at night your 
dreams are of beauty, with a feeling of content
that you are in the right path, that your soul
feels so great you can`t wait for the morning
and the stars shine in your heart!


  1. Another lovely post Moni,I love the soft glow u have achieved on your graphite drawing it's beautiful, so glad your class is going well and the woman in your journal is stunning...

    1. Thank you Bev! It is a pastel drawing, pastel is becoming a true love for me now but still a lot to learn! Thaks for stopping by! ;)

  2. beutiful for share this article and enjoy read for me thanks...


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