Saturday, March 30, 2013

Works in progress, sketches & life

Pencil drawing is so friendly, it`s easy, cheap and you can
learn a lot by doing it a lot! Practicing is always part of the
artist life and it`s amazing how much you keep learning,
understanding things you used to strugle with makes a total
difference and makes me enjoy this even more!

Keeping a record of your drawings will make you amazed when
you go back to them and it helps to really see how much
you`ve gotten better.

I am practicing again full body shapes,
with different posses, I am walking to new areas, it`s
challenging and takes me out of my comfort zone but it`s the 
only way to learn and improve, at least, the one way I know! 
If you know different, please share!  I have collected a few online
 tutorials on my pinterest wall of art tutorials if you feel like 
practicing too!

I love ice cream, this one is of soursop,
Guanábana in spanish and it`s covered with chocolate and 
little pieces of pecans! Wow, just a delight! The weather is
just my favorite now, warm but lovely!  My brother had one of 
coconout and his doing his little happy dance in this photo!
This was all in Coyoacan, Mexico city!

I am practicing drawing hands these days, it`s been a long time since
I decided to draw them better and slowly they are starting to look decent!
Still a long way to go here!  It`s amazing how much one has to learn in
just one field like drawing or painting!  Another thing that makes me think,
is how much one learns about your own self when learning to draw, now 
I know more about my hands than before laerning to draw them!
Can you believe it?

Life is awesome, I never get tired of saying it, I learn everyday,
little things, simple things, important things, this field of awesomeness
were the soul is learning about it self, it`s something magical, my 
heart is filled with gratitud when I am able to be aware of this!

Enjoy Life!

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  1. How wonderful that you and your brother are enjoying life so happily. Yes, life is wonderful and I am grateful for every day. Love all your faces and your hands are looking pretty good. :) Take care.


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