Saturday, April 6, 2013

"I Love" Art Journal Page Using Paint Chips!

Hello sweets! 

I did this page using color samples and I 
want to share the process with you! 

As some of you know I love recycling stuff and 
use them for my artsy creations, this time I found these in
my box of collage papers, they are  easy to find and they are free!  

Grab the colors you like when you visit 
the paint store and use them in 
your art journals!  Here is how I used them
this time but let your muse talk to you!

Gather your supplies, in here I`ve used the new
faces I`ve painted, they are available in my digital
downloads section!  The words are written separately
in a watercolor paper with some marks!

Before attaching anything permanently, I like to arrange the
page and see it in different ways, I came to this option after 
3 to 4 different ones!  Don`t rush!  You got to love it!

I`ve glued the faces and words, the color samples are
attached with staples!  Maybe you can write or draw 
in the back of them as well!

When I finish the gluing part, I take a brake to clean the mess!
It`s amazing how fast one can make the table so messy 
when youare being creative! 

Then I take out embellishing pens and when I come back to the
page, put some nice music and start to write, I`ve used each 
box of color for something different...

In some boxes I used stamps, I also added a few collage elements
and used two colors of pen to add contrast!

You can fill the page at the moment or let it come to you over the week!
You can draw, doodle and write, there are lots of boxes!

I hope you like this and try it!  This color samples add a lot of color
in a fun way and are a good contrast for black and white pens!

Feel free to share  your page using this kind of samples!
Send me your finished page photo in a jpg format and I will add 
it in this post along with a link to your blog!

Add "Using color samples" to the subject in your email please!

Happy creative day! ;)



  1. I love these pages. What a creative beautiful way to use something that's colorful and free.

  2. Wow, these are great. I will definitely try this out. It' looks awesome. Thank you.

  3. I have been collecting paint samples for years bbut never really knew what to do with them. This is a fabulous idea and I am going to get started today! BTW, fyi, you can erase the print on the paint chips with a normal white eraser. Thanks for the inspiration.


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