Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don`t let your self down by your self!

Mixed media on paper

Breath inn
breath out,
let the porcess take place,
be friends with patience,
breath inn, 
breath out,
take it slow
take your time,
rush is a sickness,
breath inn
breath out,
step out of the highway
love were you are
let love be in your heart

When I doubt about who I am for any reason,
there is this voice inside me that pulls me up to
my true self, reminding me about all the good things
that I am, of all the efforts I`ve made to be better, 
reminds me of all goodness that there is in my life 
that I have made possible!

This didn`t come easy or as a free gift, I`ve trained
 my self to stop the kind of voice that lets me down, 
first by noticing when it comes and how,
then, when silence is achieved, there is a
 large space to fill up with all the goodness
 that we all are and there believe me there is a lot!

But this is hard work, it takes all of your will and
most important, it only happens if you want to!

Mixed media on paper

Mixed media on paper

Acrylics on paper

Still trying different flavors! Some days I smile and some others
I think I still have a lot to learn! Again, it`s about trusting that
were I am, it`s ok, that I still am unfolding...

Mixed media on paper

Mixed media on paper

Picasso inspired! 
Gouache on paper

This painting has tought me so much, I love Picasso`s compostion
but actually, one can appreciate art in a different way when
you actually try to copy a master piece, now I trully know
Picasso is an Art Master!  This is a humble attempt to do 
something inspired on his painting.

She`s listed on my Etsy shop!

as well as this Mexican curiosities if you want them... I want you to 
have the chance to have something unique and trully Mexican
I will be adding cool stuff like this often!  Aren`t they fun?

Mexican hand made craft 

Mexican hand made craft
they are both made out of a coconuout shell
and painted with acrylics!

Smile & Be your beautiful self!


  1. Hi Monica it's been so long since I last visited your awesome blog...I love all the art you've been creating...hope you have a great week...Blessings my friend,

  2. Hi Monica. Oh I love these paintings and good to see you. Love what you are listing on Etsy. I'll have to go take a peek. Beautiful work. ::hugs::


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