Saturday, March 16, 2013

Loosening, releasing, learning...

Hello sweets! This week I really got into practice! 
There are many ways to paint and it`s hard for me to 
loosen up, I really tried to do so this week and I feel 
that it was worth it but as amazing as it is, I am still fighting
 my old painting habits, yay, they are so hard to let go!!

I love the loosen style, it`s so fresh and 
has so much character and I decided is a place I want to go so 
here are some exercises I did and some paintings too
 after the practice, I hope you enjoy!!

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

Pablo Picasso

This one was waiting in a corner so I decide to give it
a go after the exercises and this is what came out! Even though 
it isn`t perfect, I really like this one a lot, in person looks beautiful!

 Someone in my facebook page said this one looks like Elvis!! Lol!

My kitty has already addapted and loves to checkout all that happens
outside the windows! So entretaining! 

Hold the Truth
and learn to let go...
Hold on to Goodness,
and erase old fields,
Hold on to Faith,
and dare to fly,
Hold on to your own ways,
hold on to your unique beauty,
inside you,
there is abundance,
 outside you, 
it`s also home,
at the end,
there is only 

Finally, this one is resting in a corner, I am not sure
I am finished yet, I love the way she is now but I also would 
love to change it!!  You know how artists are... 

Artwork by So Artufl Changes