Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ejoying life

Life is Good!

I know sometimes we all have hard moments and that
you just have to take a breath and stop to see things in 
a better distant perspective but essentially, life is
 Goodness and I am sure you agree!

My move was a bit hard this time, I never had so many things
 as I do now, my art studio and my music studio are
 in my home and they hold a lot of stuff but slowly
I am getting there and mostly, I am enjoying the process, 
seriously, one can have it as one decides and I decided to have 
a good time and enjoy every piece of it, being meticulously about 
were to put things but when I started painting
I couldn`t find anything! I still have to remember were things are!

Still needs work but I had to take a brake and have some rest and paint 
a little yesterday, it`s amazing how much I missed it!  Here is a little peek
 into how it`s coming along, still some boxes here and there...

The good part of this process was:

  1. Removing all the unused and old stuff
  2. renovate furniture and clean deeply
  3. finding things I forgot I had and are super cool!
  4. being able to recycle old canvases, journals, papers, etc...
  5. Finding old unfinished projects and ideas!
  6. Regrouping things that go together, like pencils, charcoals, acrylics, etc.
  7. Finding new ways to use my furniture
  8. removing all the cluster!!

Haaaa!, feels good now that it`s almost done! :D

My kitty is also adapting to her new home, the new noises and places to hide
and sleep, it`s a lot of fun for her too but sometimes scary so I had 
(and loved) to pet her a lot but she`s a brave girl as well, she`s now in an 
adventure checking out my neighbour`s roofs, I just hope they like cats,
I know they like humans so far!

This are one of the forgotten projects, I did a watercolor  painting of this doll
 and made some fabric dolls, they were meant to be sold but I forgot about it!
I should put them in my Etsy! 

All this inspired me to paint and draw about how I feel 
about my home and what it means to me 
and did some sketches, I love this one...

And did a painting about it too, I am naming it 
"A Home For The Soul" 

I love how she`s coming to life, it is resting now for a little and did
 some loosening up exercises yesterday from my class with this faces,
I had a lot of fun but they were finished in the dark so this morning
I find them too yellowish, I might go back to them later...

I believe one can be happy anytime, it`s a decision one makes, at the end,
it`s only your self who decides how to feel no matter the circumstances,
and to be responsible for your happiness, be happy just now!