Saturday, March 2, 2013

Moving out/ Moving inn

A new place to live has always been inspiring and exciting to me,
it refreshes things and makes me clean the old stuff
and believe me, I Love to collect things!

Before starting the packaging, I had fun making this pieces, this
one on a cardboard which I now adore but not this one in particular
`cause it has some horizontal lines and I am not crazy about them
but it was interesting for one time!

Mixed media on cardboard

Mixed media on 9 x 12 inches mixed media journal

I get up super early and my fur baby always starts the day with me but sometimes 
she`s still tired and falls asleep in my work table, I had to lend her my cozy coat!

I`ve been art journaling a lot, I love mixing all kinds of media and play freely on 
my beautiful mixed media journals, sometimes a page like this one below, don`t
need words, the image it self says it all, I felt like this the other day but not in
a bad way, it was a realization about how we all humans having so much 
potential, having wings, we forget about It, we just don`t seam to see that,
sometimes we take ourselves for granted and we minimize our own power.

"Lost Freedom"
Mixed media on 9 x 12 inches mixed media journal

Next, I`ll be heading to oils, I have tons of new assignments on my current class
that I haven`t done, first, I haven`t painted with oils for a long time and 
couldn`t find any in my studio so I had to buy a new set, I went for a
 brand made in Mexico so it wouldn`t be so expensive this time! 
Making art and trying new things it`s expensive!!

But they will wait a bit more because...

I am moving to a new, better, larger place!!! I am super happy and I love
that we could take this place, it`s like it was meant for us!

I am also remodeling the furniture, painting them my self! I had two 
full days doing this, it seamed like two weeks!! Lol!

It`s been a long week putting it all together again!  I can`t believe how much
has been accumulated since my last move and I`ve been throwing things out
this is still far from being done but it`s slowly getting there...

The hard part is that I haven`t been able to make any art but it`s good to 
take a rest  and make my space comfy, clean and organized so when it`s 
ready it will be Awesome fun again!!  Can`t wait!!  

P.S: Come a visit me!! Now we have a big space to paint together!

She is power
but during the day light she 
brushes her hair and puts up a pin
to convince her that she`s who she is 
and that she looks good,
she`s possibility
but she wears a fine dress, 
some earrings and scent
to convince her that she is who she
is and that she is a lady,
she is free
but she thinks she`s a body
she thinks she has hands, 
she thinks she has legs,
that she has to walk to get there...
sweet bird of freedom, 
pull me in your wind,
dance me, breath me,
fly me ho dream.