Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One day at a time...

I`ve been practicing a lot, I want to be able to grow my art skills even more,
the only way is to go a head and do it, practice and learn, sometimes I surprise 
my self with magical touches, some others I wish I had undo like in photoshop!

Having a goal keeps me going, other wise it would be tiring and frustrating, my wish
has always been to be able to paint what I can see on my mind, sometimes just ideas
but usually better in my mind that when put in the action but more and more, with
each day of practice, I come a little closer so that is my motivation!  In the mean time
I use what I have, what I know and I am happy with it!

This is the first page of the bamboo watercolor papers, I showed you in the
last post and let me tell you the pages are simply fabulous!


Mixed Media on a 11 x 14 acid free mixed media paper

I`ve also been using the XL Canson mixed media pages like this to paint 
over the desk easel and they are fabulous, they hold a lot of abuse, 
I love them!

Each day is a step into a better self, 
each day a new realization of how I´m blessed,
each day is reaching higher, 
each day is finding happiness,
going forward, 
going to self, 
going farther 
out of the shelve,
growing stronger,
growing together,
growing pure,
growing forever...

Mixed Media 13 x 10. 5 inches watercolor paper
this was an experiment, one that I want to repeat!

Mixed Media on a 11 x 14 acid free mixed media paper,
I have been thinking about circles and more circles and so I gave this a try to
let it out, I like how my abstracts are taking shape, little by little coming out of the 
corners of my soul, this is called fruiting because I used a fruit photo as reference!

I have been painting over cardboard, thanks to Misty 
in my current class, I love it and it`s
super easy to find around the house, I love to recycle all
 kinds of them and now I always have 
a few ready to go for when inspiration strikes, 
I really recommend you try it!!

love the path 
for the path 
is who you are...


  1. I love your work so much and have no words for it. The portatraits are so awesome and I love them very much.
    Have a nice weekend and my lovely greet.
    Look at my site for the big news.

  2. Incredible beautiful, the facial expressions, the colors your technique is fabulous, I'm very impressed of your great talent!
    I'll be your new follower, I come back!
    Hugs Anja

  3. Your talent is beyond amazing. I have seen sooooo many people and their work regarding faces and their work is not even close to the talent that you have when you are doing faces. Your style is in a league of its own.
    Your talent is unmatched in the USA.



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