Friday, February 15, 2013

Trying a new brand of acrylics

New additions to the studio, this is the first time I use Golden paints and used them to paint this lady, I Love acrylics for they are fast drying and they cover great what`s under but they aren`t easy to handle and maybe for some they might be frustrating, in addition to this, trying a new brand is always something to consider before painting, I learned a lot with this girl and I am not sure if I like Golden yet but I am sure I Love the colors and this specific palette which is from my online class with Misty Mawn, is just wonderful! 

I´m excited for this new mixed media journal, I haven`t tried it out yet but the pages look fabulous and I love the extra large size, I am loving working larger and larger each time and papers that loved mixed media are my favorites after watercolor papers, this are great for practicing and journaling but sometimes there are works that come out great so you can cut the pages easily!


My sweet companion, always looking out the window in the hunt of a little something for the day, she brings a lot of lizards and now she learned that I take them away so she keeps them in her mouth if I`m around and won`t let go!! Lol!

A new sketch on a large canvas, the first painting I did trying out the golden brand, it`s still in progress,(see below),this acrylics are beautiful but they are super expensive due to the fact that they are imported to Mexico and so those who import them have to charge a lot more to make a business out of it so this elevates the costs of this product, that made me hesitate before, but I guess it was worth to finally trying them!

This is also new to me, I loved it for it`s recycling papers and they are beautiful, I still have to see if they are as good as they look but I love that there are people thinking about this.

She`s waiting now, I might finish it over the weekend! 
I hope yours is a lot of fun too!