Saturday, January 19, 2013

Opened doors

Have you ever been disappointed with what you created?
This time I want to share what happened to me, I think it`s important
that I share this, first so I don`t forget, then because it may help someone out there!
It really amazes me how easy it is to transform things if you stay positive
and keep on developing your idea!  This has never disappointed me!

I`ve started by taking a new course about abstractions with Alisa Burke,
she`s amazing and I loved the course so I`ve started to practice and see what 
I could come out with and I started to work on this last week and kept on it
for a while...

Then I thought it needed more...

and now I don`t like it!  hahaha!  But the good news is that I love photoshop
and just started to play with the images and...

I am happy and inspired to make a mix of my paintings to make digital art!

The point here is to always try to find new ways to expand, to 
try new things and  to never give up, when we do so, 
we close our possibilities but they are always there, opened doors waiting
 to be crossed, waiting for you and your curiosity, so as I always
 tell my students, there are no mistakes just keep on going!

This also is a way of letting go, letting it happen...

Were can you open a new door for you now?


  1. Bellissimi i tuoi lavori, il quadro ripensato e l'arte digitale!

  2. Never give up! The digital art you made came out great!
    Love it!

  3. Fantastic Monica yourt art and the digital one. Marvelous
    lovely greet

  4. cant u just gesso over those dark squiggly lines and bring it back its too nice to not try i know u could rescue it , its like the dark and light or day and night theme ..
    hugz bev

  5. There are no accidents..only learning experiences...
    you did a great job saving your art :D
    Abstract art is hard for some people...I am one of those!
    It is fun any way it happens ♥♥♥

  6. Aw! Yes, this has happened to me many times. :) I tend to lose a few pieces here and there because I've gone too far, and should have stopped when I liked it.

  7. Yes, I have had this happen as well! LOL! Like you said we all go through these things as a growing artist! Isn't Alisa Burke amazing! I love her work and workshops! Sometimes it feels like going down the rabbit hole but sooner or later we land somewhere and stay for a while until we go down another learning hole!:D

  8. Amo amo amo tu blog Monica! Tus creaciones son hermosas. He creado un board en mi Pinterest (Empapelarci)para poner los blogs que me encantan y tu blog es el primero asi tenerlo siempre a la vista.
    Gracias por compartir!

  9. Hi Monica, doesn't matter what you do I love it. I do like the one with the darker marks on it though. It just gives some depty and mystery. Funny one day you will look at it and say I love that. Have a great day my dear. xo


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