Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The process of Arting

I feel blessed when I get the chance to learn but this time I feel specially 
blessed to be learning from Misty Mawn, I lovingly call her an Art Fairy, 
she inspires me so much  and I am taking her new class about
faces and I am just flying on happiness everyday!

I decided to dedicate my self to learn more this year, I want to 
improve and the only way I know is to practice, to learn more and then practice
 the learned, or if you know of a better faster way let me know!!

I believe that the practice is also part of the fun, learning to see better, to 
understand the  mediums better, to translate what`s in your mind to the 
surface better... it all takes time and it also means that you will be making a lot of
 mistakes and even sometimes a mess in the studio, I share my mistakes,
 I don`t make them obvious or point them out,  I simply post many of my
 works, specially on my facebook fan page, if it`s perfect or if it has mistakes...
 I don`t care, it`s my process and were I am  now and I like sharing and maybe
 inspire others, so they know, it`s OK to try, it is OK to fail,it is OK to be your self.

My sweet companion, you can`t know how much she makes me happy!


  1. Those are really soulful. Fantastic.

  2. Love these fantastic paintings Monica. So much expression and beatiful design.
    Lovely greet

  3. Beautiful ladies! They all have such lovely tender expressions. :)

  4. You are growing my sweet friend! Nice to be taking one of Misty's classes... I haven't taken one of her classes, yet but hope to at some point in the future. I am getting ready to take one of Sharon Tomlinson's new classes on collage and faces. Hmmm, guess it is all about faces :D
    Keep up the beautiful work and remember to have fun!
    Beth P


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