Saturday, January 12, 2013


As the year starts to develop so is my work at the  studio
and I am starting to unfold to a new me,
I am learning about the abstract world and just loving it!

I`ve started a new series called "Abstractions of the soul"
This studies and paintings are a keeper for me!  In this photo I 
love how the plate palette and the rag could be part of this series too!

As some of you may know, I am part of the wonderful experience
Life book 2013, this new dolly is made with the same steps I`ve
shared in my bonus class there,  I am just delighted with so many 
beautiful artwork the girls have posted, it so inspiring and I feel 
really good and happy about all this, I am grateful to be part of it!

This is the beginning of the new collection I was talking about,
I am taking Alisa`s  Burk class about abstractions and I am learning a lot, she`s
 one of my favorite artists and for my birthday I was given her course as a
 gift from my sweet sister and I am loving it!!

Of course I have been carving too! This is addictive and I want to keep on it,
here is a sample of the newest, some sweet hearts, all this is posted for sale on my 
store, if you are interested, please visit here or look up in the tabs section!
This are hard to let go but I am sure they will make someone happy! 

How is your year coming along so far? Are you following your intentions?
I hope one of them is to be HAPPY! :D as much as you can! I know sometimes
life gets on the way but remember to go back there and stay strong!!