Monday, January 7, 2013

True intentions

Hello sweets! Are you excited to start the second week
of the year? I am! And that`s because I am sharing this 
lesson bellow in the 2013 Life Book, "True intentions"
just now!  

In the lesson, I talk about how to choose your 
intentions along with how to make a sweet doll like this one!
Simple but powerful and deep! 
As years go by, I am starting to focus more and more on the 
important things of life, those that will matter when you 
look back and check what you did with your life!

This course is about a wonderful year of art journal prompts by different 
artists from around the world, all in one place and hosted 
by Tamara Laporte at Willowing ning!  I just love the class I`ve
crated and I know you will too, along with the rest of the 
classes throughout the year! I am excited to be part of this, if you haven`t yet,
you should join the fun now that it`s starting, it`s an awesome event
filled with inspiration and new friends!
To suscribe, please click the link up on the left corner were you 
read, Life book!

This photo bellow is from the traditional "rosca de reyes", the wise man 
 bread thread, it`s filled with cream cheese and raspberry marmalade, covered 
with dried caramelized fruit of the season and it also comes with little tiny toys,
a white child toy that represents the hiding of Jesus as a child, if you get the 
child, you are to make tamales for everyone on February 2nd and guess what...
I got it! Lol!  Thank God I can find hot tamales everyday near my house, 
they are so hard to make and not my thing!

I wish you could taste it, it`s delicious!! 
 It`s taken with a hot cup of chocolate and it`s so big
we haven`t finished it yet! ;D