Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 calendar cover

Hi sweets! I am glad some of you are going to 
make your own claendars as well, I think is a 
wonderful idea and also a lot of fun to make
and a great way to practice your art skills!

Yesterday afternoon  I started to make the cover of my 
calendar book, I`ve chosen to alter an old book with a hard
cover wich had fabric on the cover so it`s like a canvas!

I never know how it will turn out, I just keep adding and adding
layers of the things I like until I fell happy!

I just love collage, there is something about it that makes me happy!
This girls are to remind me to not take it so serious, sometimes I forget!

Regarding your questions about how I did the boxes,
in the previous page/post, here it is: 

After painting the background, I made two rubber stamps
to fit the size I needed, one larger than the other,
I`ve stamped first with the larger and  brown 
paint, then the smaller and white paint, all acrylics,
 the rubber stamp gives it that texture 
effect just by changing the position of the stamps!

I hope you enjoy creating yours!