Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the first day of the year...

I decided to learn more this year
and follow my instincts on what to study,
I usually jump from one thing to another,
I get bored easily so doing it that way,
helps me keep interested, the bonus is that 
I end up learning a lot of different things!

I found this group on fecebook, 
Art journaling for women were they have
a challenge to make a year calendar and I just 
fell in love with the idea, so I will be doing
mine and will share with you! 

Follow this link to download 
the wonderful tutorial that inspired me to do it,
I hope you enjoy it and try too, it`s an awesome 
idea!  I did my first month this morning to 
celebrate the new year dong what I love the
most... art!

Mine is done in an altered book that will be dedicated to this only, I had other
plans but the mail is not being nice on these holidays so I decided that this would
fit my calendar and I love how is coming along!

I hope you are blessed this new year,
may all of your dreams be a great inspiration to
be better, to reach higher, to be happier!

At the end, being happy is the only thing that matters!