Monday, December 17, 2012

A simple Christmas!

I haven`t had much time lately to give my home
the cozy feeling of Christmas and it was time to
put up the Christmas tree so I came up with this idea
for some quick, simple adornments, I am sharing with 
you, maybe you wanna give it a try!

Here is what I used:
Some craft sticks for kids
rubber stamps 
black and brown inks
a cropadile or a hole punch and eyelets
golden lace

You can make your own stamps as well!

I made a hole on the top of the stick, sometimes 
a few broke but very few, being quick and precise 
really helps so don`t be afraid!

stamping was the fun part!

Then inked with brown to make them look older... see the difference?

Add the eyelets and golden lace, voila, they are
ready to hang!  You can also use them to personalize
some gift tags or use them for other crafty things!!

I hope you enjoy making them!!

and combining with other elements!

If you haven`t read my altered tea bags tutorial, make sure to do so 
here so you can make some too!  They are a lot of fun, you will be
recycling and they are just beautiful!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


  1. Cutest idea ever and so simple! Love it!

  2. Sweet Crreations Monica... Wishing you and your family a most joyous Christmas and Happy New Year...HUGS


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