Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Snowman!

Christmas has already arrived on my studio and the reason
is that I will be attending some Christmas fairs and so I am
preparing some cute goodies for it!

Snowman are always a favorite subject for me and this two
guys are the first. I had a debate over my facebook to decide
which was the favorite and many picked the blue sky guy, I
of course, love both and I am painting more and also 
 I am making some cards with them!

Since little I`ve been fascinated by paper crafts so when I discovered
hand made cards I went to heaven and I visit often! Lol!

 Besides being an artist I love crafts and so I am always busy making
some cute stuff as you can see bellow, I have a hard time now trying to
keep my studio clean but I have to so the inspiration keeps flowing!

I`ll be busy for a while and I won`t be posting here a lot but I
will be up dating my facebook page if you want to check
and see what`s up over Hands and Heart, I also
hope you have a wonderful time and keep your self creative!!