Friday, June 1, 2012

Carved stamps!

 I have been a stamp lover for a long time, I don`t know what it
is but I have to have every design I see in the stores and it can be 
quite an expensive obsession!  

So a few years a go I decided to make my own and it`s 
been a slow journey and I keep learning and finding things about it, 
it`s a hard job and takes a lot of precision and care but it`s worth it!

I have been practicing for a long time now and my collection keeps growing!
I will never have enough I think!  Here are a few with elements I love...

Hours of fun play with them, can you tell?

This bellow are my first stamps to be offered for sale in my Etsy shop, I hope, dream 
and wish they sell well, I think they are pretty good and cute! Please wish me luck!!!

This little guy bellow  is so cute I can`t stand it!  
Don`t you think he`s adorable!

This flower has two sides, I like making a different design in both sides and I love
the frame! It really feels good when you create something original doesn`t it?

I am having a give away over my facebook page, two prints of my original paintings
will be given this next June 6th and you are invited to join and write a comment here
so I can count you in the draw!  Please like my page while you are there, I need all
the love I can get and you will be appreciated and loved back! ;D
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  1. Monica! Your stamps!! They are so wonderful, whimsical, and creative... nice work!!!

  2. not only is your work beautiful, you OTHER work, your hand carved stamps are MARVELOUS!

    1. Aw, thank you Wanda, I appreciate it! ;D

  3. Lovely, beautiful, great!!. :)

  4. That's great work Monica. I love curving stamps by my own too. And I agree it's hard work and a lots of precision. I am in the beginner stage but have already made ​​some. My previous artjournal and maps on both my blogs are also made with homemade stamps and stencils.
    I love your work and stamps.
    Lovely greet and nice weekend

    1. I loved your stamps Marja and a great use of them! Your stamping blog is fabulous!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!