Monday, May 28, 2012

Queen of your own story!

 In my story I am the best I can be, we all keep growing, learning and
defining ourselves and it`s a non stop update!  This is the gift of life but
also it is a great challenge!  The good news is that in your universe, you 
are your own Hero, your own Queen, know it or not, you are the one
making your story so feel like the best thing that`s been on this planet!
Because you are!

You are creating your own fairy tale, one that is real, one that can be filled 
with magic and knowledge, day by day, write your beautiful story, each time, 
with higher consciousness with more purpose... 
yes it`s hard but you are here already so why not make the best of it!

My story is of Art of growing, unfolding...
I trust we are somehow guided, that my heart is leading me.

 I am loving my new journals, I have ordered them from the US  `cause they 
aren`t sold over here yet, I am in love with the pages, they are amazing!  
I have only painted a few  pages and I am already thinking about more!  Lol!

Here is an update on the little people, I have three left and a few in progress... 
Uf! What a job!  It`s hard, never thought that could be so but here it is and
as they say, no pain no gain! Lol!

Hope you create yourself great week for you and for your loved ones!
It`s in your power to make it even more beautiful!Hands and Heart signature


  1. Oh Monica, what a transformation! The wee dolls are looking beautiful!Keep well.Rosie.x

  2. I love the little dolls!!! So adorable. And your little petulant Miss Queen is wonderful too.

  3. Great little dolls...are they for sale?

    1. Thank you Darlene! They will be as soon as finished!


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