Thursday, May 24, 2012

A not so easy make over!

Well, I am trying something I have never done before, 
I found this at a flea market and decided to give them a 
make over!  Sounded like so much fun in my mind, much
more than what I am facing now, this is not easy at all, 
painting in a rounded surface is hard! 

It`s a vintage bowling toy, I think is wonderful!

They are all sanded, my dear brother helped me...

and I have started drawing some of the characters, so far it was easy until
the painting part came... Yay!  This is hard! I wanted to run away from the 
project but I have to finish it, I want to, now, it`s a challenge but I miss my
canvas and papers and journals...  I am learning and sometimes that hurts!

I`ve tried different things to see how this works and how they would look like,
I might change a few at the end or not... 

So far I`ve learned that sometimes we take things for granted, that we see things 
in our minds easier or harder than what they actually are, it`s until you are there,
 facing it, that you actually know how it is, this is good to have in mind when 
things look hard or difficult or even miles away from were we are, from now 
on,  I will be facing things with an open mind instead!
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