Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creative souls...

Sometimes my table is a mess! Lol!
I fully clean it at least once a week, right there in that point were 
 I don`t have space to work in anymore so cleaning is demanding! 
 How often do you clean yours?  When I get creative all I do is
 bring stuff to the table and then I realize is too crowded to keep working! 
 I bet this is normal and it has become a routine to put everything in place 
when I finish a project and then start all over again.

I`ve learned a few things about my studio, how to keep things and
how t organize it but it`s changing all the time `cause I like to vary what
I do, I can`t seem to do the same thing over and over like some artists,
for me is diversity and experimentation or getting bored!

It`s funny how we, creative people are,  I found this interesting post
were they describe us, I felt they were truly talking about me
if you are a creative soul as well you will love it!  It explains each point in this list!

Creativity is amazing! To me is the magical key to hours of fun and learning,
it defines my work and what I do, were I want to go and it`s my guidance,
I`ve learned a few things about it by letting it happen, allowing it...

This journal page was inspired by a certain day, a recent event were I challenged
my self to try something and failed, then tried again and failed again, at the moment
seamed hard and painful but the next day I decided I should accept were I am and
it was such a relief!! I then could keep on doing my things, living a new day,
sometimes is hard to accept that we still have a long road to walk and so much to learn
to get were we want but that`s also part of the fun, let`s not miss that part!

New fun hand carved stamps in my Etsy!  They trully come out of my heart!

Have a good creative week!  ;D
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