Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How are you my sweets? I hope you are being creative and making your days beautiful! I know sometimes life can seam like a challenge and that`s why we have to have a special time dedicated to play, relax and have fun.  Our studios are refuges for our souls, a place were we can let it all out and come out relieved, so I trully encourage you to do this often, the more the better you will feel, I am sure of this!

There is still time to join my wonderful class "Whimsical Characters" at Artful Gathering, students are already making beautiful faces and suns and moons, a celestial dance were drawing and painting is easy and with a technique that looks like watercolors but it`s acrylics, I love it `cause you will never mess up the colors, this is trully freeing and you can create a lot of works with all this info, so I invite you to join the fun now and have a great summer learning and growing!

I also want to share that there is a new place to have fun,  Motley Soul Mixed Media Art  is offering you a place to have fun and learn, please visit and check the workshops offered!  More fun and art play!
You can also advertise your product, class or website with Hands and Heart,  simply join this group to find out more about it!
Have a funtastic day!
Mony ;D
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