Friday, June 29, 2012

Altering books!

Hello my sweets! I hope you are having a good time over this 
summer, maybe you`ll take a brake and make some art!

I am not on vacation at all, I have been very bussy working
and still am, I have been thinking for quite some time to create an
altered books online workshop, I have shared many things about
 it and I think it`s time for me to make it happen, so I am working on
 it just now!
 I love making tiny books, they are the same time consuming
and effort than a large one, sometimes even harder but they are adorable! 

Making the videos is a lot of work and so I have been very bussy and
this shooting session has been very difficult, everything has happend! Lol!
Meowings from my kitty, claxons out loud outside my house, forgetting how
something is called in English!!! Just to name a few!

But this is something I like to do so I keep going!  

So I am altering books!  A fascinating surfice tha allows so much freedom
and somehow I am never worried about how it will turn out and when I don`t
it usually ends up great!  It`s funy!  I wish I could be like that in other areas as well!

I want to share about this wonderful  world of altering books which
is fascinating and addictive! I`ll bring the news about it  soon so if you are
in to this, please make sure to stay tuned!

Hugs and smooches to you!  
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  1. Your bookmaking is fabulous and your pages are so beautiful. marvelous your altered books.
    Lovely greet and nice weekend Monica

  2. Hi Marja! I am glad you like the books! They are so much fun to create! ;D

  3. Im hanging on tight Monica !! Cant wait !!!


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