Sunday, July 15, 2012

Altered books gallery

 This gallery if from an altered book were I used an 
encyclopedia, is really big and It`s still unfinished but I have
a few favorite pages to share...

I am still working on the Altered books Online workshop 
and it`s a lot of work but I am also enjoying it a lot for it`s 
something I really like, altering books, making books, 
Journals and have plenty of great surfices to work freely!!

Hello there!  I am working hard but also really happy to be able to do this!
You can see one of the projects in the class there! Just a little sneak a peek, I don`t
want to ruin the surprise!

I finally got a new sewing machine, I am in love and I keep searching
for new projects to use it! Of course I included a sewing project in the 
altered books workshop! Couldn`t resist but it`s fun and easy!

In this page I used one of my photos of me as a model, I liked it and so 
I made my dream of being a fairy come true here! 

In this page I used the inspiration of the Native Americans which I love!
I even used sawdust in the bottom of the page to recreate the feel of this
magical places!

That`s why I love altered books, some how my mind and heart feel free to add 
anything I can think of, or almost! ;D

I will let you know more bout the workshop later on of course
which will open sometime in September!

I hope you are having a great time as well!
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  1. Monica, I'm crazy on the first page. Can not get tired of this and what do I want to learn this all so very much. What is your work beautiful. Really enjoy. To work so loose.
    You are such a great artist. Marvelous.
    Lovely and greet a nice day

  2. Monica, these altered book pages are crazy gorgeous. I am a new fan!

  3. I always love your altered book art! You are so beautiful in the model page! I am glad to see what you are up to! Blessings always, friend!

  4. I love all your work! Just gorgeous!

  5. So sorry the Ning is closing, but I will be happy to follow you here. Thanks for all you do! Rochelle.

  6. I especially love the first picture of the altered book! Amazing artwork!

    greetings, Alie :-)

  7. I love your art! Do you sell any of your pieces? Please send me an e-mail at


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