Thursday, July 26, 2012

Closing Ning site

Hello sweets! I just want to make a quick announcement
about Hands and Heart ning being closed, I tried to keep it 
open until the end of the month but ning has weird restictions,
if I dind`t pay the year fee they woulnd`t be able to help me
on paying for the extra days or even a month so they closed it!

If you were in the "Full experience group" and want to keep on it, you can 
send me your email address to were to send your invitation to the blog group,
all new announcements and posts will take place here and in facebook!

I hope you stay in touch and that you keep enjoying my arful sharings!

Hands and Heart signature


  1. hi Monica, I don't know what your ning site is, sorry. But I will say that your pages are so brilliant and lovely. Wonderful work again. Marvelous art work.
    I have posted my altered book on my creativity.
    Lovely greet and a big hug

  2. i have always loved your art, moni....will always be here...

  3. Moni, I love, love, love the new picture up above and the quote. As usual, you are so good. I will always want to stay connected to you Moni, you are such a valuable soul.
    Love you, Diamin


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