Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday early morning

To me, a Sunday early morning is a bliss, there is pure silence
and everything`s quiet, everyone is asleep and it`s still dark outside,
I make hot cocoa and prepare my materials to create for my self,
it`s different from when I create for other things, like for selling or
making videos for my workshops, it`s pure delight!

I have my sweet kitty as my company, she`s just adorable!  She just stays there
watching what I do, sometimes tries to play along and others just falls asleep!

I created this page!  I love the colors and textures, it`s amazing how much
you can do with some scraps and paints!

I just love altered books and creating on them, maybe as child I didn`t have enough
play time with art tools and so now I am obsessed with them! Lol!

But I am glad I am, I love to see how I have been evolving and how it`s still me!
It`s a delight to create just for the single purpose of enjoying a morning like today,
not judging, not expecting, just flowing so it becomes a meditation, a true encounter
 with your self and so with happiness.

May you have a delicious encounter with
 your self and enjoy your today!
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