Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday early morning

To me, a Sunday early morning is a bliss, there is pure silence
and everything`s quiet, everyone is asleep and it`s still dark outside,
I make hot cocoa and prepare my materials to create for my self,
it`s different from when I create for other things, like for selling or
making videos for my workshops, it`s pure delight!

I have my sweet kitty as my company, she`s just adorable!  She just stays there
watching what I do, sometimes tries to play along and others just falls asleep!

I created this page!  I love the colors and textures, it`s amazing how much
you can do with some scraps and paints!

I just love altered books and creating on them, maybe as child I didn`t have enough
play time with art tools and so now I am obsessed with them! Lol!

But I am glad I am, I love to see how I have been evolving and how it`s still me!
It`s a delight to create just for the single purpose of enjoying a morning like today,
not judging, not expecting, just flowing so it becomes a meditation, a true encounter
 with your self and so with happiness.

May you have a delicious encounter with
 your self and enjoy your today!
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  1. Nice page Monica!
    I love the early mornings as well, and can understand your feelings about it!
    I put the finishing touch on a beeswax collage that I started yesterday, and my cat Bijou sits on his chair;-) outside soaking in the morning sun!
    Looks like another nice day here on the west coast!
    Enjoy as well xox

    1. Aww! You and Bijou know how to enjoy life! Enjoy your beautiful day! Thanks for stoping by! ;D

  2. love this post - i agree with you about early mornings. and the page you created is gorgeous!
    i'm off to create some new drawings...just for me. you've inspired me. ♥

    1. That`s wonderful Susie! The joy of creating for your self compares to nothing else! Enjoy!

  3. I know just exactly what you mean about silent mornings. I used to sleep in for as long as possible and would get grumpy if someone woke me up, but now I wake up much earlier than everyone else so that I can have a few moments alone to create, read blogs, have a few moments of silence. I think these moments are important for creative souls and I'm glad that I am not alone in this way of thinking! :)

    1. That`s awesome Lynda! I also feel like I have much more time and can achieve more and appreciate more and yes, you are not alone in this! ;D

  4. Wonderful and beautiful page Monica. Love it. And I see your special feelings in it. This is really great art work again.
    Lovelt greet

    1. Thank you Marja! I appreciate your visits and warm words, you are such a sweet soul! ;D

  5. Wow, what a beautiful page. You and your work are an inspiration!

  6. This is really beautiful! I love sunday mornings too, it's so quiet outside, just the birds are singing. Love your work and as I understood you are planning a workshop in altering books? I would love to do that, your work is so inspiring!
    Enjoy your sunday mornings Monica!

  7. these are exquisite absolutely exquisite.

  8. Gorgeous page! Love all the complex layers of paper, paint, and ink! Texture makes me wish I could reach out and touch the page!

  9. Looove this spread, and all your work! Your soul pours out onto the very gorgeous and emotional.

  10. Oh yes I wake up very early, no one is awake yet and it's like I'm enjoying a secret all by myself! I am definitely a morning person and get a lot done before 6 am! Your page is beautiful! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  11. Hi Monica,
    I just found your Blog! I love it that you recycle. I am going to have a lot of fun making things from your tutorials. Especially the TPR. Love it! Thanks a bunch.


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