Monday, August 20, 2012

Altered Books & Journals Online Workshop subscriptions are open!

This is a wonderful class is about 
how to make journals with different techniques,
art journaling and altered books!
Altered Books and Journals Online Workshop

The workshop is now open and is held in a private blog, all videos are ready and they are over 19 videos to inspire you and guide you
to learn and have fun creating in different ways!

As usual in my classes, there it`s a lot of info 
and detailed views in videos and photos!
 I like to share a lot!

All videos are in English and there aren`t any downloads, the site  be open indefinetly, so you have plenty of time to learn to make books and all about altered books and journals, there are new ideas to make journals out of recycled  materials, some are so easy to make  you won`t believe it!

Take this course or give the gift of creativity to someone you love!

This are some photos of the projects covered in the workshop, a small sneak peek! 

We will cover this art journal spread step by step along with other beautiful pages...

Paint, design, add collage, write and fun, fun, fun!
 This spread will be covered step by step in video!

You will never be afraid of the 
blank page again!  
I am sure you will have tons of inspiration to make beautiful altered books  and journal pages, you will learn to make books with beautiful papers and also  with recycled materials that you are use to throw away!  
You will see your everyday life in
 a new inspiring way!

The class is 100 usd, and you can get your spot in the paypal button here, don`t miss this wonderful opportunity
to learn and be inspired!


Sorry, this is no longer available, i'm currently
Working on new classes!



  1. I can't wait, Moni! I have to save some money first but I'll be there!

    1. It`s gonna be awesome Kelly! I can`t wait either! ;D

  2. Moni: I've emailed you several times re: access to the private blog for the Full Experience class and haven't heard back from you....can you please email me at to let me know how I can access the private blog for that class? Sorry to post this here, but I didn't know how else to get in touch with you. I would also consider taking this class as it sounds interesting. Thank you. Loretta M


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