Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day of the dead

There is something about Halloween or the day of the dead
(as we know it over Mexico city) that I adore!  It has never
frightened me, on the contrary, it makes my inner child go crazy
happy and creative! All those fun desings many artist have created 
over this theme are a huge inspiration to me and I love creatiing
my own caracters as well!

Maybe is because this caracters can be so cute, maybe
because the eyes can be awkward, maybe it`s because they are at the end
good souls and that shows, whimsical caracters are my favorites!

Of course the originals of this paintings look a lot better for this photos
 are a little blurry! This one up here is holding a cute kitty cat, Lol!  I love the
 way they look happy! Down bellow is a coqueta! Spanish word for flirting! Lol!

So to continue with my Tehuanas, I decided to make a few with this
theme! Challenging but fun, it was hard to figure out how to bring it
all together, but I am happy with what I did, of course being an artist is
a long term process, no magic creations appear suddenly in your table
as many may think,  is very hard work and a lot of  trials and errors to
bring your eyes the final work!

I love this new pieces, although they were a challenge, I do like that I went foward 
and completed them for at some point I thought I have ruined them! Yes, I get scared
sometimes, even though some may think I am super woman at painting! Lol!
I hope you like them too!
They are listed over my Etsy shop!

 I also share with you some news about Hands and Heart Online comunity,
there are three great new groups, one fun acrylic painting featuring this cute
witch, a perfect project to get started painting with this medium, is fun, easy
and you may download the videos! I am sure you will love the project!
Fabric Art Dolls

A group to bring you hours of sewing fun! I have added three different workshops
in this group, all of them about sewing of course but also quilting, painting over 
fabric and creating your own designs so it`s super complete and inspiring 
Wanna make some art dolls?

And lastly, a group to journal!  Do you love journaling? Better said,
do you love Artful Journaling?  This artistic expression is a favorite
and many of us want to learn more about it, practice and try new things, 
get inspired and so this group is intended to do so sharing techniques,
prompts and worksheets to work with!

Please join Hands and Heart if you are still not part of it and learn more
 about this great new groups and many others that will bring you hours 
of creativity and growth!

For those who like my digital collage sheets, I have posted
some about Halloween caracteres, they are so much fun and 
you can make great projects out of them, print a single sheet
and make cute tiny cards, invitations and a lot more!

This one is specially designed for you to simply print and 
you have a card ready to be folded and that`s it, ready to send!
Noche de brujas is an origiinal painting by me and the cute witch
will be happy to be part of your creations!

Here is a sample of one, simply adding a few touch can make it even more fun!

Check out this new digital collage sheets over my Etsy!
I hope you are getting ready to celebrate this next Halloween
and that it`s one fun day for you!
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  1. Hi Monica, I'm so happy I found your blog, your artwork is so beautiful! I've been enjoying my coffee while visiting you here. I'm going to add your blog to my side bar if that's ok. I will be back here often for more beautiful inspiration!
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Hello talented lady, I always love your beautiful art and so glad to be a member of your great forum Hands and Heart. xo


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