Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spooky whimsical caracters

This is my latest spooky acrylics painting  "Noche de brujas"
witches night, a cute sweet girl in her Halloween custom going for trick or treat so 
be ready to give her a sweet treat or else be ware of a horrible spell!  Lol!

Of course she`s  listed over my Etsy  SOLD! THANK YOU! 
for those who love Halloween and collect cute spooky paintings!

Are you a card lover? I am! I remember making my first cards and I feel so humble 
about how people used to encourage me to keep going! I now am a lot more confident
on making them, I know its simple to make them but there is something about the design
 part that take it`s time to develop, here are some ideas to make some fun cards for this
next Halloween along with a brand new digital collage sheet I`ve created to make them!

This time I`ve recycled some pages form old magazines, I just have a huge collection and so
I will be experimenting with all that material!  This time I simply used them to make some papers
to create this cute cards bellow!

I simply went over  them with some acrylic paints, no guesso, no sanding, no prep, just paint!
How about that? So simple and it works! They crumble a little so I ironed them to make them
flat again of course with a paper on top or else you will ruin your iron!  And that`s it!
Happy, happy, easy, easy soooo happy! ;D

Of course they are made with spooky colors, you can make your palette unique and use it to create
your projects by going for the colors you truly like!  No science, simply use those favorites!

And this is the newest digital collage sheet I was talking about, it`s super new and I love those
cute characteres which can be painted with color pencils, watercolor pencils, pan pastels, you name it!

It is now listed over my Etsy!

Here is one printed and cut, some with a punch, ready for more...

This time I`ve used my color pencils, I have a fun set of a great quality which at the end give a great result, I simply added a little color and shade a bit, again, easy!

I chose one painted magazine that I liked to go with the colors of each character, I simply put them
on top of them to see which look better!

Here is the gallery for you to be inspired! I hope you try my new spooky digital collage sheets
and have lots of fun making cards, tags, invitations and a lot more...

I simply attached the painted papers over card stock paper, sometimes simple is best!  Some images 
are  cut, some are left as they come, some have been fully painted and some just a little color!

In this one, I`ve added some glitter to the background and a circle punch to create
a spooky scenario! 

I`ve printed the mini set included over sticker paper and cut with a circle punch and used some
paper bags as the envelopes...

I looove! 

This are simply folded in a circle and they hold a candle inside!  You will have three
characters showing! I plan to put this over my window!

Is Halloween fun or what? I just love this celebration of life!
To find this collage sheets, please visit my Etsy
I hope you are having a great time planning your Halloween celebration!

As a gift to my dearest followers, 
I am giving away this set of 6 cards I`ve made,
simply leave a comment on this post
so I can count you inn the draw!
 Of course you have to be a follower to 
be able to enter! 
The winner will be announced
over the first post of October!

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  1. Moni!
    I just found this today on Thursday. How wonderfully awesome!
    Great idea with the candle as well.
    I would be honored to get these, but no matter what, you did such a beautiful job as usual..
    Hugs, Darlene

  2. Everything here is adorable and I would love to have these.
    Lovely work,thanks for the chance to have these and good luck to all. Hugs

  3. Moni
    You are such an inspiration to me. I would love to have these lovely cards

  4. Love your spooky card sets! Thank you for an opportunity to win them! Have a Lovely weekend.

  5. Your art is wonderful. I am good friends with Amy Faldet, here in Wisconsin, she showed me a beautiful piece of art that you did, AMAZING!! Love your spooky card set! wonderful....

    Hope you have a peaceful and art filled weekend Monica!!


  6. great way to use up magazines Monica - love your card creations, as always you INSPIRE xxx

  7. OK, Moni, you had me at "Spooky!" I just finally signed up and paid for my "Witchy Boo" class (yay!) and I want "Noche de Brujas." I love her. I will PM you about that.

  8. I would love to be included Monica thanks -Ilove them

  9. Moni, these are wonderful! Too cute! Thank you!

  10. Hi Moni....they are all beautiful,and would love to own something that you have made....


  11. Moni, I Love everything you create! you are amazing!

  12. These are wonderful! I would love the chance to win them. I am a follower of your blog! Love your work.

  13. These are so beautiful! TFS!

  14. monica, i love the spooky characters! please make other quirky characters too! <3

  15. Moni, they are just too adorable! :D Please count me in for a chance to win! I just love Halloween, don't you?! :D
    Beth P

  16. Uuhmm, i hope to win these beautiful Spooky

  17. I love the painted magazine pages!

  18. I would love to win! Your work is wonderful and I love taking your classes too!! :)

  19. Thank you so much for participating! We have a winner! ;D
    Hugs to you all!


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