Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The fun process of whimsical painting

Painting with acrylics can be challenging, I think is a matter of
observing how the media works but one thing is true, every time is different!

I learn something new everytime I paint, and so experience is what matters,
I think I`ve come to a point were I feel super comfortable with this media, it has 
now become a relaxing activity, it wasn`t like that when I first started, I used to feel so 
stressed out even though I enjoyed it, I think life is the same way, one comes to
the world not knowing anything about it and yet somehow we manage to keep
going and enjoy it, when older, we get wiser thinking how much we would love
to know those things we know now when we were younger... so if you dream of 
painting better, know that you will get there if you keep going!

 I had fun this week creating some stamps and I got so 
carried away that I made lots of them, Lol!
So I have now listed a few just to see how it goes, I love to make them!
This one is my favorite now!

I love to paint after stamps so I used this one to make a painting
 of a new cute witch!  Brujita in Spanish and here is what I did...

I am now painting over medium density fiberboard, they are amazing! Have
you tried them yet? They are so cheap, easy to store, handle and well, I just

Well I`ve added some collage printed over it with paint...

Then painted the background and make it fun! 

I`ve stmaped the face with black acrylic and added some more paint over those
spots I couldn`t reach well when stampping, I`ve also added a simple whimsical 
body, a simple triangle shape and ho yes, the cute hat! :D

Then I started adding dark skin tones on the face, cheekcs and hair,

I let the black paint show, this will create interesting layers!

Then new lighter skin tones, I love pink! Of course, this is were you make your
palette unique by choosing your own colors!

I love how this looks, it`s strange but sometimes this looks better to me when 
I see the photos than the finished piece!  Something I have to work on is 
letting go of trying to perfect the works... Do you know what I mean?

 The lights on the hat to give dimenson are important! 

Then I`ve added details, this is were it comes to life! 
Adding high lights and shades!

To finish, I`ve added lots of sparkling stuff like some glitter, stars and mica! 
Then I`ve added a touch of pen to add details and write some words that say:
Feliz Noche De Brujas!
Happy witches day as we also call the day of the dead over here in Mexico!

Now I present you with a new caracter Spooky tehuanas!  They are so much fun 
and looking at them makes me smile each time! I`ve made them to create stuff
for my so abandoned Etsy shop, I hope to focus more on this now!

You can find this set here!

Aren`t they fantastic?

I love bright mexican colors and those envelopes have beens saved for a special
occasion and I thought they would go great with the cards!

You can find this make it your self set  here, I thought it would be fun!

I am announcing the giveaway winner over my next post so hurry if you want to enter and win
some hand made spooky cards!

I hope you are well and happy! ;D
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  1. Impresionante el proceso creativo del sello al resultado final. Precioso. Muchas gracias por compartirlo

  2. She's a beautiful little witch! Thank you for showing the different steps. I am still learning!

  3. Que bella has hecho esta brujita Monica.
    She is so lovely

    Maria Esperanza

  4. Thanks for sharing the inspiring process of whimsical painting.You are so talented. Love the little witch, she is so beautiful.
    Hugs Anja of germany

  5. How cute!!! And really fun to see her come to life!

  6. Oh this is adorable! And the cards are the cutest! Thanks for showing us the steps you took to make your new witch.


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