Friday, October 14, 2011

"Moonlight" new acrylic painting and giveaway winner!

Hello magical beings, I hope you are well but most important
 that you are  H A P P Y ! :D
Happiness should be the priority in life, finding true
Love and Happiness inside yor heart!
Sounds poetic and dreammy but it takes deep wisdom to reach for it
and hard work on removing personal issues wich can take hours of
self discovery and lots of errors but those errors are part of the
wisdom acquired, don`t you think?

I want to share the news about Hands and Heart studio, I`ve painted a new
witch, this time I saw this girl sitting on the moon watching how the moonlight
is reaching the corners of the land, sometimes we don`t have to do anything
but stay quiet and observe.

I feel so lucky that my new kitty found me, she`s amazing and so much love is born in my
heart because of her, she`s magical, everything around us is magical, we just have to
stop the everyday world and watch, remove the clouds to breath the purity of the sky
that is there everyday, those are the things that we should be absorbing!

You see the world with your heart, you breath what you have become
and all this can be better each day by letting go of the old self, becoming
new each time you can remeber that everything changes, sometimes painfully,
some others easily... growing to become a great YOU!

I am also working on my new online workshop and I am trully amazed by the
possibilities, I am having a great time and I can`t wait to share all this, it opens this
next December 1st and you can read more about it here... or in the previous post!

I am really happy with all this new tools and feel really blessed with all this
 I feel I have to share it too, this is for those who want it!

This are all made with my own design stamps and I am also trying things
to make my own inks and paints but this won`t be part of this workshop
for that still needs more study but I will share design techniques
and how to use the stamps in different ways  to make your own
 fabrics, papers and lots of personalized projects!

Join us in the fun of making your own home made stamps!

Finally as promised, the halloween hand made cards give away
 goes to my sweet friend Beth Pollock!

I couldn`t belive her luck today but I am so happy with it! She`s a fantastic
woman, so full of beauty and love, please also check her new blog wich is
beautifully embellished and check her first post with beautiful photos
that show a magical place that appears to be from a fairy tale!

I hope you stay in touch and that you have a fantastic creative day!
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  1. Moni, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that I had won your giveaway!!! Thank you sooooo much.
    Beth P

  2. I am so happy you won! This couldn`t be better! ;D


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