Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boo Card and Spooky Journal Page

I love working inspired by the seasons and holidays, this keeps me
motivated and changing helps me in not get bored so this week I
made a cuple of proects one a cute card using my new home made
stamps wich I can`t stop telling you about how much I love making them!

The background is also a stamp I`ve made, then I`ve cutted the stamped pumpkins,
I`ve been making this caracters for quite some time and now I love having them
as stamps!  A long time dream! The bats are made carving an eraser,
the rest is die cutted or hand cutted!

To finish I added a splash of glitter to the background for I love this
look of splattered stars! This unique card could be framed as it is!

The other fun project is for the new journaling group over
Hands and Heart Online Comunity I`ve creadet this group to share
my ideas on creating fun art journal pages, I love this art form,
is so relaxing, freeing and I learn so much from it!

The prompt for this month included making a paper doll witch!

Making a pocket and using the colors of the season...
Of course again those swirls stamps were home made!

There are some that repel the idea of halloween, I think is super fun and
this works prove it!  Halloween can be so inspiring and full of diverse caracters,
it is just how you apporach to it, everything has two sides and one can choose
how bright or dark you want to go! Don`t you agree?

Happy Halloween Sweet Friends!

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  1. Just love your card and the journal page is charming.


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