Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooky tags and a gift for you!

Hello sweets! I have a fun gift for you!

This digital download with an original
skull painted by me for a spooky
creation! Please right click, save and print
for your personal use!

Then check the little tags tutorial bellow
for some inspiration! ;D

I`ve cutted the skull shapes out and used a flower punch
on some pink paper...they look so cute already!

Then I`ve used another punch to cut some big flowers as the tags!
Use spooky colors!

And used another punch for circles, if you don`t have these you can use
regular tags that are already made or hand cut the shapes!

I`ve added a cute hat and the flowers in different sections
to add variety, then punched holes and attached eyelets!

You can change tehe eyelets for some that are made out 
of paper or simply leave it as it is!

You can add a cute ribbon and attach around
 the gift bags filled with some treats!

Hand write a sentiment and voila!

Celebrate life! 
and make someone happy this Halloween!

I hope you enjoy this!

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  1. Thank you so much Moni, what a cute idea. I love how these tags look. Happy Halloween...LOL. !!!!

  2. They are so cute it's scary!! Thank you for thinking of me and sharing! I really love your work :) I hope you get a lot of treats on Halloween! xokp

  3. Great skulls Monica! Thanks for sharing. And what fabulous ideas can come from them. :)

  4. Wow ! Adorable, thank you for sharing.Really,Really Cute.


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