Friday, September 2, 2011

Story of a creation

I`ve been super bussy and so inspired latlely and couldn`t 
stop working so I have a lot to share with you this time,
 a lot of drawing wich is my favorite thing to do, I haven`t told
 you but I dream of having my designs made in to stamps,
 wouldn`t that be fun? Dreams come true so I want to keep 
this in my future projects to acomplish!

I`ve had this book for a long time and have been inspired by
 it lots of times but this week it jumped out of the shield and made
 me company,  It`s fun to see how the artists in the past expressed 
and so interesting to see that nothing is really new, once againg, 
I confirm that all we do in the present is to use the ideas in our own ways but
 all has been done before somehow!  The good news is that our 
ways can be unique and with our own touch!  Thanks God to that!

So I was focused with this cute faces and tried them 
in different mediums, can`t choose a favorite but this week
 had a lot of fun using acrylics again, a medium I find super 
interesting and that we haven`t yet learn all we can do with it!
I have a couple of ideas floating my mind for a while and I 
have to try them!

Then of course I tried making a few in watercolors,
 they will become  magnets, this were made with 
the toilet paper rolls, remember that fun tutorial about it?
Tutorial`s on the left side if you wanna try!


They are so cute and all are hand painted, so much work but it`s 
worth it! Here is a close up of one of them, there is a next
 step wich I hope to do soon so I can share!

This started it all! Simple doodling, lots of fun! You should try it!  
My art journal magazines have inspired me to do this and I loved them 
with no color, lately I like black and white and line a lot!

Then she came to me and had to make a sketch of her, 
I want to paint her... She looks like a madonna or something 
like that but I love the doodling over her hair or maybe fabric... 
There are some wrinkles in the paper if you can see, those were made
by my kitty!  She loves to play with my sketches a lot! Yay!

Then this little guys were born, out of all this I tryed, 
they are a lot of fun to make and will do many more! 
Hehehe!  So It was interesting to see how this week 
developed and how staying focused on something can 
pay off so much, I am proud of my self and I am giving 
my self a gift for all this hard work, wich to 
me isn`t work at all but to others it is just exacly so...

I am so happy to announce that they are listed over my Etsy
it`s been a while since I have added new works, I hope this pleases you!

I wanna call them Tehuanas!  There is a traditional mexican custom that
 has this beautiful piece over the face, I didn`t use that for reference but when
 I was painting one it came to me the they were actually that...
 How amazing is the mind, one sees and likes something and 
suddenly you find that you are doing exacly that same thing! 
Has this happened to you too?  It happens to all of us 
many times but some we just don`t realize it!

Hew! A lot of work to come here! It was fun, interesting and 
so much learned on the way!

Here is the last piece of this week! "The mind`s eye"  The only one there is!
She`s so colorful, I really love this one!

I hope you are having a great time too! I want to say I had a few 
friends having troubles with the  hurracaine and I am so 
glad they are ok now, I hope you are too! 
Thank you for visiting, for your words, encouragement, I
feel so blsessed having you here!
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