Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dreams come true!

Reaching a goal is no miracle, it takes a lot of hard work and a great effort!

This new works represent many months of studiying and practicing, being
frustrated over my studio and not having anyone to tell me I am doing ok
but my own taste and practices and lot of experimentation and let me tell you
it`s hard to be a self tought artist, I recomend you don`t try it unless you are
to be perseverant, that you trust in your self and that your dream is strong 
enough to take you there but if you are up to it, please know that your abilities
will grow even better that being at school!

So here they are, it looks so simple now that they are uploaded here,
but I hope you notice my efforts, wich soon will be shared in a new
workshop!  I don`t have much planned yet and still don`t have any dates 
but I am sure many of you will be  anxiosly waiting to learn all this new stuff!

I leave you with this new gallery...

Soome how this works give me the feel of a cartoon tv show, can`t say why...

I love this one! 

Thankfull for all of my blessings!

Two versions of the result of playing with photoshop!

Wouldn`t you love to have a Kimono? I know thay are very complicated to attach to the body
but I dream of wearing one and taking some photos with it!

Different poses and more girls in one painting, it is fantastic to have a gathering!

I love to be able to do this, to have a studio and paints, the dream and the stamina, things one has to
keep working on in order to sustain them!

Sometimes, I feel disoriented, like many of us, I also doubt, I am also afraid of some things and also get tired of trying, I even sometimes want to give up!  I guess nobody escapes the dark side of the mind but I know that if it weren`t there, you wouldn`t been able to reach, to persevere, to succeed, to appreciate!  
So I have to keep reminding my self to trust, it`s so easy to forget important things and so easy to fall in
to the doubt... Can`t really say why!

I hope you enjoy this new works, that they inspire you to pursuit your own dreams, remember that
it`s up to you how far you wanna go! 

 Take your self there!

Be blessed!

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