Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the heart.. an art journal tour!

 I did some cleaning over the studio and I think this
display acomodates me better, I tried to keep my table 
with lots of space but I kept on bringing the tools needed
to it so it was always filled with stuff and soon I was
having a mess! I prefer organisation! Don`t you too?

I`ve been working  a lot over my journal, this is a 
hand made journal by the same craftsman that makes the
watercolor paper wich is great, the cover is made of
leather and looks so rustic, is my favorite so far!

The quality of the paper is not perfect but I happen to 
enjoy a lot working on it, trying ideas and experimenting
on a super expensive paper is not my thing! Lol!

What is in your heart today?  
Fill it with something happy!
Fill it with your favorite things and dreams and colors!
Fill it with true Love, a Love that never dies...

Over the years I`ve learned that only you can fill your
heart and mind with beautiful things, they will not appear
magically and it`s a constat effort to stay in harmony!
This page is to remind me about that!

Here is a photo of two of the journals I was telling you, the brown one
is the one I am using now,  at the art store I just couldn`t resist 
the little one! Lol!  Can`t wait to start working on it!

This girl is holding her heart, I did it for 
Hands and Heart, I so love her hair!

Working in a journal is so cool, I let go of the
expectations and just play wich is my main point
of making art but also I practice and keep a track o what I am doing!

I`d love to have flowers in my cheecks, wouldn`t you?
I know I am so girly! Lol!


I love watercolors, I just can`t explain why but is my favorite medium so far!

I guess I was a little sentimental this days and so I didn`t realized how many hearts
I painted, it`s trully a connection with art that helps us express and let it out, for me
is that way, we all have to comunicate somehow and painting is my favorite way to do so.

How do you bring harmony to your life? How do you stay in tune with peace?
I would love to hear all about it!
Thank you for being here, be blessed!

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  1. I love your work, Monica! It is beautiful (yes, there is just something about watercolors!), positive and inspiring! I hope to make my work like that, too!
    Your studio seems very organized! That's another thing I aspire to!

  2. Your artwork is simply amazing...

  3. Your art is beautiful and so glad to see a tidy studio.


  4. Oh my goodness your art is sooo beautiful! You need to share it with the artists at paint party friday. I seriously love all of it! Your style and essence are wonderful!

    I wear peace symbols and keep peace in my heart. I try to look at the good in people. I shun the negative, and set boundaries with people who carry too much drama with them!I'm not perfect, neither is anyone else! Really enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Hi Monica. Beautiful journal, just love it. Such soft colors. I need to learn to paint soft. I have a new journal too and am going to try to use that journal for "soft work" so to speak. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Take care of yourself and I'll see you on your next post.:)) Que te vaya bien!

  6. Your work is so beautiful! I love the softness of watercolors. I really like the flowers on your girls cheeks and forehead. So creative. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Such beautiful work - I love how you do your lettering. The "What is in your heart matters" piece is stunning!

  8. Of course I am like a broken record.. You are just one of the best! It is all just beautiful..
    ♥ Darlene


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!