Saturday, August 13, 2011


Thank you colors for splattering my dreams out!

Think abou tall of the things that had to happen for you an dI to be here
today... sharing who we are, exchanging our views of the world... and
that all that will pass one day.... this, helps me appreciate of the simple
things wich aren`t simple at all, they are sacred gifts...

Sometimes we take for granted were we are, what we have, who we
think we are and forget.... we are magical, we are special...

Today somehow I remembered I am here as part of a large pourpose,
as part of a growing universe that is continiously unfolding to become,
that makes me feel special and recognize others as such...

You are special! 

I feel blessed I can do what I love to do! I hope you are doing it too!

My special friend!

Be blessed!  Thank you for being here!

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