Friday, August 5, 2011

Make a journal book and recycle!‏

There is something special about making your own stuff,
specially in art, knowing how to make things makes me happy!
I am all about it and I hope you are too,
I`ve been saving my toilet rolls and now I bring you a
new way to use them!

After making my toilet rolls flat like we have learned before,
I`ve cutted my cold pressed watercolor paper, now, mine is
hand made by a mexican crafter so please use your favorite brand,
I recomend you use a heavy one, like 1400lb. to higer, the good
thing about this kind of journal is that it won`t wrinkle when you
wet the paper because it will be glued! Also consider using a
cheap one for the first time so you practice, this is a little messy
and very delicate for the pages have to stay clean!

To cut your paper you first most know that:
it has a side that folds easier, usually they roll it on that
direction at the art store, check my photo so you see
what I mean!
You have to cut your pages using this direction so the
pages fold like this and you also have to fold them on this direction.
If you do it on the opposite side, the pages will
brake with the use!

Then I`ve used a heavy gel medium to glue to my paper,
I am generous and cover it perfecty, a missed spot means
a buble in your page!
I`ve cutted the papers that will cover the paper roll
used the meassurment of two, then folded like in the photo...

Then I`ve pasted it on top of the paper and used a brayer to
make sure it`s all glued, the medium will give you enough
time to remove and accomodate the paper if needed.

TIP: The insides of the papers are always untouched!
Now you paste a second paper on the top of the toilet roll
that is already glued and that is facing up and now you have two pages!

This is how it should look!
In here we see the back of the pages, this is were you are
going to paste a new toilet rolls, one in each page, at
the end you paste this last pages to the cover!

Now all yo have to do is keep going on top, the trick here
is to keep the pages closed when pasting a new one,
that way you can`t go wrong!
So far we have our pages ready, I love this because we
didn`t have to stich te pages!
Now the cover!
I used hard cardstock for this, meassure the pages and
add 1/4 of an inch to each side, this can be a open to your
taste but this protects the pages in their corners!
You also need the meassurment of the spine and this has
to be exact, also adding the same high of the other pages

Cut the paper a little extra big, it`s better to have excess
than needing more!
To allow the book fold, allow a small space between the spine
and the cover and back as you can see here...

After having 7 pages I am careful to have them alined on the spine,
since I`ve started to glue them, then I add some medium...

I also use the pins to make it tight!
In this step, you can attach a ribbon that will
separate the pages if you like, just add it in the center
of the spine with the medium and make it go
towards the inside of the book let it dry.

Now cut the corners to facilitate the folding of the paper...

Then start folding a glue with medium, Use some pins
to hold the pages while dry...

Now fold the corners and help them with a tool to go deep
in the folding, this is important and also delicate so be gentle!

Then fold the same corner towards the inside
I didn`t take a photo of that but take a look at the photo bellow!

Also add medium and attach, help the corners with the pin
for they will be really fat!

This is how it looks so far!

You will paste the last pages to the covers, this will hold the book together!
This can be messy and so I use a plastic bag to protect the pages of
the book when I add the medium!

Now paste the spine and the sides of the pages to this
and you have your book finished! OMG!

Can you think of the hours of fun and the many books
you can make to give as presents? :D

At the end of your creation, let the book rest
at least for 24 hours under a heavy weigh,
like some big books so it compresses and stays flat!

Then allow the pages to breath by opening it and
let the pages dry as well!

Just so you know, I used the same paper for the cover,
after trying it, I don`t recomend you do the same, use a
harder paper, like one for scrapbooking or even fabric, follow
the same instructions, I wanted to have a watercolor
feel on it but I think it will be collaged `cause it`s braking on
the edges!

Some inspiration!

I have two books now, the first one I made it for practice
and to see how it would work with the watercolor, specially the
wet on wet part and I works great! So be free to create and have fun!

So far... I am loving this and I hope you try and keep on
growing your skills and creativity!
Let me know what you think! :D
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  1. This is great Moni!
    The instructions and photos are very clear. I"ve got to give this a try!
    Thank you!

  2. I love this method too Monica. It's a lot of work but look what you get. Very nice. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  3. i am going to try this, moni... i have my paper rolls under a weight right now.... hugs to such a talented lady...

  4. This is a great tutorial. I am a recycler as well and to think the base of these journals are TP rolls. I love it. I must collect more and try making a journal. I am new to journalling so this would be great to make a book then try my hand at a new venture faces. Thanks so much. I am a new follower too. :)

  5. What a great project. I'll be working on this next!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Lovely work. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I read it Monica, looks pretty easy, now just to find the time. I like recycling too. I use the foil tops off of yogurt and other foods to make flowers. The foil is pretty and cuts easily. Try it. Makes good leaves too.

    Happy Day to you,

    Coleen in Ukraine

  9. You have a lovely talent! This is a wonderful project.

  10. MONI, thanks for this tut, i have begun to make one, i am on the glueing stage of the book, i would like to finish it to take on a road trip we are tking in a few weeks. I love using T T rolls, and I have shared with friends, thanks again
    fondest regards

  11. OK, you have my attention! I must try this technique - I've made a lot of books but never with this technique so a new adventure begins...
    Beth P

  12. I wish the pictures still showed up on this post. Almost all of them - especially the instructional ones - are not showing.

  13. I wish the photos were showing up. Almost all the pics - especially the instructional ones are not showing up.


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