Saturday, July 30, 2011

Journal book recycling!

I have created a new cute art journal,
it is made of toilet paper rolls again and watercolor papers!

I am loving this book, first of all because I made my self,
then because it holds great the watercolors without wrinkling!
OMG! I just love it! The size is of the toilet rolls and is 
perfect for compleating a page fast, it doesn`t demads too
much work and little colors make a page great as you can see!

I love the painting process so I go for that first, then later
on, I will add some songs for I am also a song singer writer
and this pages will inspire new words!  If you are curious
about my music, this is the first time I share some songs on 
the web and you can listen here!  I will appreciate it if you 
like our page and support our band that is of course if
you like what you listen! :D

I am so in love with watercolors now, it is super clean 
and enviromental friendly that I keep on experimenting 
with it and learning all the wonderful things I can do with it!

This pages will look fabulous with words, can you
picture it in your mind?

Then, simply by adding some extra details like some beautiful 
papers, you r page can be transformed in seconds like 
this one, I think I can write over those papers or not!

This is the las page! I wanted it to be loosen,
I have trouble leting go and just be simple, 
I got to do more of that!

I loed this small collage detail, also painted with watercolors!

This is the first page!

Now the words has to be added!

Let me introduce you to Shakti!  A wonderful 
so mischievous cute kitty cat, she is also called a
piranha, for she bites everything she finds on her way!

She was adopted from the shelter, I just couldn`t resist 
her sweet eyes and she loves to sit next to me when I
am working on my table! 

On my walks around my house there are lots of dry
leaves, they are lovely and I love to collect them and save 
them in books but this time I decided to give a try and paint
them, it turned out to be a great excercise!

I love those journals filled with objects like this,
now I can see why so many artist do pages and 
pages like this and I will fill my moleskine wich 
was a gift, with those objects! 

At Arful Gathering, we have two more days to 
enroll in the worksops, I took the watercolor clase
of course to paint this rose, I am really happy with it!
It`s been a long time dream to paint a rose so you 
can imagine my face when I finished it! :D

This is part of the workshop I`m offering, the painting of
the Frida Kahlo doll on fabric without
the sewing part, I think is great also like this and I
think I will want to make a painted fabric journal book
with my experimentations!

Here is a nother painting!
I find it interesting to know how to paint fabric, 
it`s totally different than in paper or primed canvas and I can`t stop 
thinking of all the wonderful projects I can do with 
this artful fabrics! :D

I hope you are having a good time in this summer, 
take some time to relax, create art and most important
be happy!
I send you a big hug! 
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