Thursday, February 10, 2011

A splash of coffe

 I usually drink a lot of coffe but no, I didn`t drop it accidentally,
on this piece!  This idea came from my doll making period were I
leaned that one can make the fabrics older by dyeing with coffe 
or tea, so I was working on this piece on a loosen fabric, I drew 
with pencil a face then I stiched around some lines and loved it...

I wanted to add more color but wanted to keep it simple and I 
don`t know why I though of coffe so I grabed some brushes and 
started to paint with instant coffe! Am I crazy already? 
I love it, the smell is wonderful  and it had an ethereal look I 
didn`t want to ruin it but I wanted to add color in the cheeks and 
this morning I added them with some beautiful watercolor
pencils and voila! She has color but in a soft way!

I am working with a very simple stiching machine, and I am
impressed by all I can do with it, I have seen very impresive 
machines and how technology has advance this days and of
course I would love one but creativity has no limits nor my 
desire to learn so I work with what I have and make the best 
out of it! If I believe, it`s possible!
So, would you like a cup of coffe? :)

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  1. Oh yes, I would like a cup of coffe!
    Your drawing and stitching is amazing, I'd like to try doing something similar. I love to tea dye fabric. I do it on al my stitcheries.


  2. You are welcome to thave one here with us and make some beautiful art, please try the techniques and show us what you create! :)


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