Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too much Kite!

At the begining of this project I was really
excited about it but now I am not sure...
she might be a little overworked but then
again, this is a learning process were takes 
time and patience, that means I have to 
Love my self and be gentle...

I wanted to try things like adding bead work
to this quilted dolls and even though is a touch
it looks like too much to me but maybe is that 
I am not used to it, sometimes is hard to stop
and take a look from a distance...

Especially when you are having a good time!
That is why I  named the work 
"Too much kite" Lol!  

I love the halo, that sewing work is a keeper and will 
 be a frequent in this new series, is one of  the new
 things  I`ve learned to do this morning and  I 
was really excited, of course only practice makes 
us learn and then we choose those things as 
a key point and use them over and over...

I love kites by the way, they have something
on them... I just wonder what... :)
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